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International Mask Theatre Comes to Korea

Word from the R.O.K

Film, TV dramas and KPop are at the vanguard of Korean cultural content at the crest of the Korean wave.  Left to centre of the radar but equally as dynamic is Korea’s vibrant theatre scene.  Gigantic international theatre shows and directors such as Peter Brook and Circ de Soleil have all graced South Korea’s shores complementing a busy calendar of high profile domestic and international shows and musicals.  Korea has also become internationally renowned as a place where the more off beat and experimental international and domestic theatre is grabbing the head lines at venues such as the Chuncheon Mime Festival and the Fringe Festival in the Hongik University neighborhood.  International theatre company Amoeba is now throwing Neutral Mask Theatre into this creative chaos.

Traditional Mask Theatre, however, is already one of Korea’s truly indigenous theatrical art forms and has a centuries old history centered mainly in the traditional city…

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